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About Edaran Mesra

Edaran Mesra Sdn Bhd (EMSB) is a Petronas licensed company that provides various specialized and value-added products & services to the Oil and Gas industry. EMSB’s products and services range from high efficiency separation internals and technology, state-of-the-arts oil in water analyser, onsite and online performance verification using isokinetic sampling and radioactive tracers, produced water treatment packages, aviation survival products, navigational aids and helideck lightings, and reliable unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). EMSB is also certified by Civil Aviation Authority Malaysia (CAAM) to perform the helideck inspection and helideck friction test for oil and gas installation in Malaysia.

EMSB are committed to providing our customers with the dedicated services in implementing our products and services to ensure the customers’ requirements and objectives are met and fulfilled to the level best possible. EMSB team works in close collaboration with our customers from start to finish of every project with full backing and support from the management and board of directors of EMSB.

EMSB enforced strict compliance to HSE requirements during the performance of our services and will continue to strive to keep the stellar safety record.


360 Solution Provider

Provide wide arays of oil & gas products and services

Inovative and Sustainable

Expert in providing long terms solution for customers

Safety Our Priority

High safety awareness within company's culture