High Efficiency Separation Internals (ZETA-PDM, UK)


Zeta Pdm are a specialist technology supplier to the oil, gas, water and petrochemical industries, focusing on the supply of advanced separation solutions for the many types of multiphase flow processes encountered in this field. Zeta Pdm deliver practical and credible engineering, process design expertise, and efficient separation solutions, based on the extensive range of “state of the art” internals technology within the Zeta Group.

As a specialist technology supplier, their primary focus is on various types of separation processes, including:

  • Separators
  • Gas scrubbers
  • Slug catchers
  • Produced water flash drums
  • Degassers
  • Flare knock-out drums
  • Flash drums


Oil, gas and water separation internals, Inlet devices, Distribution devices, Demisting devices, Coalescing devices, Sand Handling systems, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Technology Process Internals

Zeta-pdm technology process internals include:

  • Inlet devices – ZPV, ZSQ, various vane types, semi-cyclonic, ZP-4G cyclones and customised.
  • Distribution devices – perforated, vane, ZHB, ZVB, ZSB & ZPC fluid control technology and customised.
  • Liquid / liquid coalescing devices – mesh type, plate pack and customised.
  • Gas / liquid coalescing devices – wire mesh and vane.
  • Gas / liquid demisting devices – wire mesh, vane and 4G-FD cyclones.
  • De-foaming & De-sanding equipment

Zeta-pdm’s product range and experience offers the industry compact and efficient designs and a commercially advantageous solution for every separation need.

Zeta PDM
Mesh Type Pre-conditioner
Zeta PDM
ZP-090 Vane Type Pre-conditioner
Zeta PDM
ZP-400 Vane Type De-foaming Device
Zeta PDM
ZP-210 Vane Type Demisting Device
Zeta PDM
4G-FD® Demisting Cyclones
Zeta PDM
Optimised ZP-Vane Type Inlet Device
Zeta PDM
ZP-4G® Inlet Cyclone
Zeta PDM
ZSQ® Inlet Device