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Zeta-pdm Limited

Zeta-pdm Ltd is a world leader in separation processes and a key technology supplier to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. With many years of proven experience in new build and revamp projects, both onshore and offshore, Zeta-pdm have built an industry-wide reputation for quality, reliability and for the depth of service that our clients need.

Zeta-pdm’s research and development programs have focused on delivering real benefits to their clients by reducing design and planning time, and also by optimising process design to reduce the size and weight of their equipment. As a specialist technology supplier, their primary focus is on various types of separation processes, including:

  • Separators
  • Gas scrubbers
  • Slug catchers
  • Produced water flash drums
  • Degassers
  • Flare knock-out drums
  • Flash drums

Oil, gas and water separation internals, Inlet devices, Distribution devices, Demisting devices, Coalescing devices, Sand Handling systems, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Technology Process Internals

Zeta-pdm technology process internals include:

  • Inlet devices – ZPV, ZSQ, various vane types, semi-cyclonic, ZP-4G cyclones and customised.
  • Distribution devices – perforated, vane, ZHB, ZVB, ZSB & ZPC fluid control technology and customised.
  • Liquid / liquid coalescing devices – mesh type, plate pack and customised.
  • Gas / liquid coalescing devices – wire mesh and vane.
  • Gas / liquid demisting devices – wire mesh, vane and 4G-FD cyclones.
  • De-foaming & De-sanding equipment

Zeta-pdm’s product range and experience offers the industry compact and efficient designs and a commercially advantageous solution for every separation need.

Consultancy Services

Zeta-pdm provides a full consultancy service, helping to identify and rectify problems, optimise efficiency and increase throughput. Zeta-pdm uses process visualisation methods to provide an accurate representation of the expected distributions of each flow component during the seperation processes. These methods rely on in-house Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) capabilities.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Process calculations aim to provide information on the operating conditions inside a separator vessel but they cannot show the actual fluid flow field associated with the process in any detail.

Zeta-pdm utilise the latest CFD techniques to troubleshoot existing designs and to enhance new build designs. With CFD we are able to create model geometry, which is highly representative of the separator vessel. The model is then split to form a computational grid consisting of literally millions of individual cells. The equations of fluid flow are solved at each separate and discrete cell point and then combined to provide a solution for the overall flow field. Zeta-pdm have the knowledge, resources and equipment to push the accuracy level as close to perfection as is humanly possible.

Link : http://www.zeta-pdm.com/

ZP-4G Inlet Cyclones

ZP-310 Vane Pack Demisting Device

Perforated Distribution Baffle

ZHB Distribution Baffle

4G-FD Demisting Cyclones

4G-FD Demisting Cyclones