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Scientific Process Solutions (SPS)

Scientific Process Solutions (SPS) uses the Total Contaminant Analysis System to obtain both qualitative and quantitative process contamination data. The key word being "total." The company’s various testing protocols assure the client that all avenues are being explored to achieve a thorough and total analysis of the process. The company study all phases of matter with our system in order to analyze all process variables relevant to separator selection and design.

Total Contaminant Analysis System

The Total Contaminant Analysis System utilizes several different testing protocols such as:

  • Liquid Aerosol Measurement (Direct Contaminant Measurement) – DCM
  • Coalescer Contaminant Measurement – CCM
  • Solids Contaminant Measurement – SCM
  • Mobile Laboratory

The company have an operational Mobile Laboratory to provide the customer with immediate analysis of stream samples, which gives much greater accuracy regarding contaminant concentrations and physical characteristics, which are often sensitive to environmental conditions and time.


SPS Contaminant Monitoring and Analysis Services are improtant to many different industrial and engineering applications. Some of which are:

  • Natural gas fired power plant fuel gas qualifications.
  • Natural gas processing plants.
  • Natural gas dehydration plants.
  • Gas and liquid pipelines.
  • Compressor stations.
  • Refinery gas, liquid and liquid/liquid systems.
  • Filtration and seperation equipment performance analysis.
  • Filtration and seperation equipment feasibility and design selection.
  • Positive preventation protection.
  • Offers pipeline contaminant measurement, monitoring, analysis and consulting services.
  • On-site testing performed by engineers trained to provide process related consulting and support.
  • Qualification of fuel gas for turbine and other critical service applications.
  • Contaminant qualification prior to equipment specification.
  • Filtration and separation equipment performance qualification and troubleshooting.
  • Plant optimization.
  • Serving the natural ga transmission and processing, chemical processing, refining and power generation industries.
Consulting Services

SPS is also proud to offer Process Consulting services such as:

  • Gas fired power plant qualification analysis and troubleshooting.
  • Operational cost optimization for natural gas processing and dehydration plants, and natural gas compressor stations.
  • Piping header and bypass configurations.
  • Seperator, scrubber and filtration design selection and troubleshooting.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) studies.
  • NCMS certified.
  • ISNetworld registered subscriber.
  • H2S certified.

Link : http://www.sps2test.com/

SPS - DCM Protocol

SPS - CCM Protocol

SPS - SCM Protocol

SPS - SCM Protocol