Helideck Inspection & Certification

Edaran Mesra is authorised by Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) to conduct Helideck Inspection & Certification. With the vast experience and training, our team are capable of providing world-class helideck inspection and certification services at a competitive price to all helicopter landing areas worldwide.

Scope of Inspection

  • Helideck surface, dimensions and markings.
  • Helideck general arrangements, including structures and support equipment.
  • Helideck obstruction environment, including markings & lighting arrangements.
  • Helideck emergency, rescue & fire-fighting facilities, equipment & procedures.
  • Helicopter operations support, including radio and meteorology facilities.
  • Helideck manning arrangements, including HLO, Helideck Assistants, Fire Team and Refuelling Party.
  • Their training and competence.
  • Other operational and environmental requirements.z

Helideck Friction Test

Helideck Friction Test approved by Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia and carried out based on CAP 437 which provides guidance on the periodicity of helideck friction testing between six months to three years depending on surface friction test result. To maximize efficiency, offshore installation may opt to have helideck friction test carried out annually together with the helideck inspection / audits.

Friction Table for Helideck

Area of Helideck Fixed HelidecK Mobiled Helideck
Inside TDPM Circle 0.6 0.65
TDPM Circle and H Marking 0.6 0.65
Outside TDPM Circle 0.5 0.5
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