Oil in Water Analyzer

Inov8 Systems was created and launched with a clear vision to research, develop and produce the world’s most innovative instrumentation and control systems, to address unresolved challenges.

We have focused our energies in areas directed to us by our customers, taking from them not only real-world challenges but also inspiration, and hence ensuring, through close collaboration, real tangible value created for all.

Product :
EXP Controller : Intelligent Control – Oil in Water Probe EXS Controller : Intelligent Control – Oil in Water Side Stream GPP Controller : General Purpose Oil in Water Measurement and Control HH – Potable Meter : Oil in Water Measurement

Core Technologies

Rapid Wave Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic cleaning is now a well-established technique in many industrial applications including oil and gas which are possibly the most challenging conditions of all. To keep optical sensor windows clean usually requires very high energy, but deploying such high levels of energy has its own risks and is regularly problematic for the physical instrument and the sensor window, often eroding and cracking, not only the optical windows, but the physical housing of the sensor itself.

Inov8 Systems have developed a solution improving the efficiency of the ultrasonics and reducing the typical power required by up to 88%. In doing so the sonic shock and cavitation erosion is eradicated, hugely reducing the chances of sensor window and housing damage. A further benefit of improving the ultrasonic efficiency is the ability to control and focus the ultrasonics to achieve cleaning in 0.2 seconds with low power, removing heavy oils and allowing the unit to be powered by 24VDC and even a solar panel.


Traditional single point (fixed range) measurement is fine if process conditions are perfectly static, but unfortunately, they are not. In real world applications the fluctuation of the process and water composition requires a dynamic measurement technique.

Inov8 Systems have developed enhanced full-scale real-time spectrometry to react to process fluctuations. By monitoring all the water composition, the instrument can determine how to best make the necessary measurements automatically. So, by monitoring what you don’t really need to know, the instrument can reliably report what you do need to know.

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