Helideck & Aviation Lighting
Pharos Marine


PMAPI offers a complete Zone 1 & 2 solution to CAAM, ASG 904, CAA-UK CAP 437 and ICAO Annex 14 requirements for Offshore Helideck Aviation Lighting, which includes our PHARODECK™ Touch Down Perimeter Marking (TD/PM) system, perimeter lights, helideck status lights, surface floodlights, illuminated wind sock and helideck lighting controller.

As defined in the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Civil Aviation Publication (CAP) 437 standards, TDPM Circle & H systems will be mandatory in UK waters after March 31, 2018, after which, any helidecks out of compliance will be limited to daylight flights only.

For Malaysia waters, as defined in Civil Aviation Authority Malaysia (CAAM) and Aerodrome Standard Guideline (ASG) 904, TDPM Circle & H systems will be mandatory after April 1, 2020, after which, any helidecks out of compliance will be limited to daylight flights only.


Pharos Marine Automatic Power offers a total Zone 1 & 2 compliant system that includes a 15NM main and 10NM standby Duplex light system (optional), 10NM white main lights, Helideck status (wave off) light, perimeter lights and floodlights, 3NM red subsidiary lights, 2NM main/secondary fog signals, fog detector, battery banks and monitoring/alarm panels. All system components are certified to IECEx Zone 1 & 2, ATEX Category 2 & 3 standards.


PMAP has developed and supplied a wide range of non-hazardous and hazardous area renewable power systems which are customised solutions to suit temporary, or long term abandonment strategies whilst ensuring full compliance with current legislation and recommendations as a standard.

Solarised and/or hybrid wind powered skid systems are adaptable to customer equipment or load requirements designed for ease of use and reliability. With advanced remote monitoring capability, unmanned assets can be safely and confidently monitored for continued compliance and operational security from any location.

Systems include full documentation packages, manuals, test data sheets, FAT reports, engineering calculations and electrical drawings that are supported by our field engineers. Our engineers are available for pre-installation surveys, installation, commissioning and maintenance work scopes.

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